Though its history date back only thirty years, this highly transparent blue gemstone possesses that may surpass even sapphire.




          Lapis Lazuli
           The Buddhists believed that lapis lazuli dissolved ill will and allowed one to act with presence of mind. Adorning oneself with this gem is said to make a person sincere and  trustworthy.



             In ancient times it was believed that wearing this gemstone would relieve one of displeassure and dissatisfaction, bringing good fortune.




              Light Opal
             Enchanted with the beauty of its dazzling colors, the ancient Romans considered opal the gemstone of love and hope.                         




             The oldest of gemstones used by mankind. Amethyst was believed by the ancient Greeks to be a protection against drunkenness.




            Jadeite (Jade)

             In China, jade is believed to bring luck, fortune, and power. Jade is highly treasured by the young women of east Asia.



            Thai Ruby
             The red color of ruby stirs the emotions, and this stone is said the wearer extraordinary power.




              Garnets are said to inspire in us the vitality and energy to accomplish all things.




              In Europe, it was said that this gem made the wearer more eloquent.  Perhaps we could take note of this in modern society.






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